COVID-19 Santa Clara County “Shelter in Place” Order

Effective March 17: Santa Clara County has implemented a legal order to shelter in place. This order is in effect until May 3, but may be extended. Anaerobe Systems is deemed an essential business as a healthcare supplier and will continue, as best as possible, daily operations. The situation is fluid, and we may be required to have limited capabilities or cease all operations. We will update this as any new information becomes available.

Placing Orders or Checking on Order Status: All customers are encouraged to place orders either by faxing a purchase order to 408-762-7990 or emailing orders to Please email with questions about order status or availability. Staffing may be limited for taking orders or checking order status over the phone. Emails will be checked regularly and replied to as fast as possible.

Shipping:  Similar shelter in place orders may be put in to place in other cities, counties, or localities. When placing an order, please inform us if your business or institution will be continuing operation under such an order or will be ceasing operations. This will allow us to prevent shipping items to a facility that will not be open to receive them.

Custom and Special Media Orders:  Our priority will be to fulfill media orders for our core products.  There may be some delay in our custom and special media orders.  We will maintain communication so you are aware of order status. Custom media will be produced when possible.

Plated PRAS Culture Media

Enriched, selective, and differential culture media which are manufactured & packaged under strict anaerobic conditions.

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Gloveless Anaerobic Chambers

Gloveless anaerobic chambers in multiple sizes and configurations. Grow and manipulate organisms under strict anaerobic conditions.

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Anaerobic Bacteriology Training

2 1/2-day hands on courses in anaerobic bacteriology working to grow and identify live organisms inside of anaerobic chambers.

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AS-580 Gloveless Anaerobic Chamber

The unit requires minimal daily maintenance, and working inside the chamber is quick and easy compared to other gloveless models. The AS-580 anaerobe chamber can be outfitted with connectivity options such as an integrated touch screen monitor to connect to lab networks, or a high resolution digital camera imaging system.

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AS-150 Gloveless Anaerobic Chamber

Our entry level chamber with fewer features and less workspace, but with a lower cost and smaller footprint. The AS-150 is ideal for smaller labs that typically have fewer than 100 plates in their incubator, or labs that don’t have the space or budget for a larger chamber. A unique feature of the AS-150 is it’s ability to be installed as a single or double wide unit, and can be modified in the lab after it’s been set up in a different configuration.

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