Benefits from using Anaerobe Systems Pre-Reduced, Anaerobically Sterilized (PRAS) Media

  • Pre-Reduced, Ready to Use—Save Time
    PRAS media are packaged and pre-reduced in oxygen-free foil packages requiring no preconditioning saving many hours of lab work and anaerobic gas.
  • Anaerobically Sterilized—Ensure Results
    Anaerobe Systems’ PRAS media is prepared entirely under oxygen-free conditions. From initial sterilization to packaging in sealed foil packages, oxygen contamination is minimized. When opened in oxygen-free conditions, you can be sure that oxidation damage can be ruled out as a variable.
  • Optimum Recovery—Improved Productivity
    Oxygen-free preparation and enrichment of media, produce an immediate increase in recovery of anaerobes. Failures, due to oxidation damaged media, will be eliminated and more rapid and prolific growth can be observed within 18 to 24 hours.
  • Easy to Use—Save Time and Trouble
    Just tear open the foil package at the notch inside an anaerobic chamber or container and remove the plates which are ready to inoculate. Nothing could be quicker or easier.
  • Long Shelf Life—Less Spoilage and Waste
    Anaerobe Systems’ patented technology allows media to be stored at room temperature and still maintain a long shelf life. Unopened tubed media may be stored at room temperature up to one year and plated media up to three months.
  • Conveniently Packaged—Use Only What You Need
    Convenient packages of one plate, two plates, three plates, and four plates, lets you select what you need. Whether for a single specimen or several at a time. They’re always fresh, never wasted. Many of the most common types of media also come in combo packs for a more convenient streamlined setup.
  • Quality Enriched—Always Better Performance
    All Anaerobe Systems’ media are enriched with specific growth factors to enhance propagation of anaerobes. They are packaged in sealed foil packages to maintain freshness which also increases productivity.
  • Cost Effective—Lowest Cost Per Recovery
    Pre-reduced, plated media produced under Anaerobe Systems’ patented manufacturing and packaging procedures will prove to be your most cost effective method of recovering anaerobes on a per test basis. Performance pays for itself.