Collection & Transport Media

Anaerobe Systems’ transport tubes are poured and packaged under anaerobic conditions (PRAS media). Our unique process prevents oxygen contamination or damage to the culture media during the manufacturing process. Reducing agents and visual oxygen indicators help prevent oxidation when adding a sample, and will indicate the portion of the medium still anaerobic.

BIOME-Preserve is a patented, first of its kind kit for collecting, transporting, and preserving anaerobic microbiome samples such as stool. It allows for easy self collection of a sample at home, room temperature transport for up to 5 days, and culture recovery of the majority of species present in the sample. BIOME-Preserve may also be directly frozen for long term storage. DNA Genotek is the exclusive worldwide distributor for BIOME-Preserve.

We can make custom media formulations, for more information click here.

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Product Description Catalog Number Availability Tubes/Pack Price/Pack
Anaerobic Transport Medium - ATMAS-911 Stock 10 $25.27
Anaerobic Transport Medium Surgery Pack - ATMSPAS-914 Stock 10 $45.56
Anaerobic Tissue Transport Medium Surgery Pack - ATTMSPAS-915 Stock 5 $35.16
Anaerobic Tissue Transport Medium - ATTMAS-919 Stock 5 $29.92
Liquid Dental Transport - LDTAS-916 Stock 10 $29.92
Dental Transport Medium - DTMAS-920 Stock 10 $25.77
BIOME-Preserve Microbiome Collection Kit (for research use only) AS-930 Stock 1 quoted
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