Clinical Isolation & ID


Anaerobe Systems manufactures a wide variety of enriched, selective, and differential culture media to aid in the isolation and identification of anaerobic infections. Anaerobe transport media can be used to keep organisms in samples alive and viable during transport from collection to the lab, and are available in sterile surgery packs.

Anaerobe Systems’ culture & transport media are sterilized, poured, and packaged under anaerobic conditions (PRAS media). There is no chance of oxygen contamination or damage any time during the manufacturing process. Our plates are pre-reduced and ready to use out of the package, without the need to leave them in an anaerobic environment for extended periods before inoculation.

Anaerobe Systems offers hands-on laboratory based training in anaerobic bacteriology. In our 2.5 day class you will work inside of anaerobic chambers with mixed culture anaerobic samples to isolate, grow, and identify them. For more information see our Anaerobic Bacteriology Course.

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