Anaerobic Chambers

Experience Counts

Anaerobe Systems has over 40 years of experience in growing and cultivate anaerobic organisms using anaerobic chambers. Our anaerobic chambers are developed and designed with direct microbiologist input. We are a unique anaerobic chamber manufacturer in that our own microbiologists work in our chambers every day to validate the culture media we produce.

  • Designed with direct microbiologist input
  • On-site installation & training always included with purchase
  • 2.5 day hands on training always included with purchase

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ALL of our anaerobic chambers include on-site installation and user training provided by Anaerobe Systems. ALL chambers include one person to attend, free of charge, our Advanced Anaerobic Bacteriology Course. This 2.5 day hands on, lab based course covers the major topics in anaerobic bacteriology workup including specimen collection & transport, primary set up and isolation, culture media selection, identification techniques, and oxygen toxicity. Students work inside the anaerobe chamber with live mixed culture anaerobes to isolate and identify them. More in depth chamber troubleshooting, maintenance, and general use techniques are also covered.


To read our Anaerobic chamber FAQ click here: Anaerobic Chamber FAQ



AS-580 Features and Benefits

The AS-580 gloveless anaerobic chamber is a large chamber with many added features to improve ergonomics and reduce daily maintenance. The high capacity incubator and large work floor are ideal for large clinical or research labs. The unit requires minimal daily maintenance, and working inside the chamber is quick and easy compared to other gloveless models. The AS-580 anaerobe chamber can be outfitted with connectivity options such as an integrated touch screen monitor to connect to lab networks, or a high resolution digital camera imaging system.

  • 580 plate capacity enclosed incubator
  • Self regenerating catalyst does not need to be baked
  • Vacuum-less airlock cycle and sleeve entry
  • Larger work surface for storing supplies and processing samples
  • Interior work area 46″W x 29″D
  • Optional integrated computer monitor or digital imaging system


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AS-150 Features and Benefits

The AS-150 gloveless anaerobic chamber is our entry level chamber with fewer features and less workspace, but with a lower cost and smaller footprint. The AS-150 is ideal for smaller labs that typically have fewer than 100 plates in their incubator, or labs that don’t have the space or budget for a larger chamber. A unique feature of the AS-150 is it’s ability to be installed as a single or double wide unit, and can be modified in the lab after it’s been set up in a different configuration.

  • 150 plate capacity enclosed incubator
  • Low-cost cost, basic anaerobic functionality
  • Palladium oxygen removal catalyst (baked daily to clean)
  • Vacuum-less airlock cycle and sleeve entry
  • Small footprint & space requirements
  • Modular expandable design to double chamber size
  • Interior work area 36″ W x 24″ D

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