Yeast Casitone Fatty Acids Agar with Carbohydrates and Sheep Blood – YCFAC+B

Yeast Casitone Fatty Acids Agar with Carbohydrates and Sheep Blood – YCFAC+B

Yeast Casitone Fatty Acids Agar with Carbohydrates and Sheep Blood (YCFAC-B) is an enriched nonselective media for the cultivation of most anaerobic bacteria and other fastidious microorganisms.


F. prausnitzii (ATCC 27768) Growing On YCFAC+B Tube

4 plates per package

Catalog #
AS-677 YCFAC-B mono plate 4 plates

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Product Description & Summary

YCFAC-B agar is an enriched nonselective media used in the isolation and cultivation of a wide variety of bacteria found in the human gut, including Faecalibacterium prausnitzii. The basic nutritive components of this media come from yeast extract and pancreatic digest of casein. This basal medium is then enriched with various specific vitamins, sugars, and fatty acids to ensure growth of even the most fastidious gut microbes. Sheep blood is included to further enhance the recovery of various microorganisms and for the observations of hemolysis. This media is prepared, dispensed, and packaged under oxygen-free conditions to prevent the formation of oxidized products prior to use.

Interpretation of Results & Limitations

If used properly, YCFAC-B agar supports good growth of many fastidious and non-fastidious anaerobes isolated from clinical specimens.

YCFAC+B Agar will not provide complete information for identification of bacterial isolates. Additional test procedures and media are required for complete identification. In some cases, YCFAC-B may be overgrown with swarming Proteus spp. or Clostridium spp.  It is recommended that selective media such as Brucella Laked Blood Agar with Kanamycin and Vancomycin (LKV, catalog #: AS-112) and/or Brucella Blood Agar with Phenylethyl Alcohol (PEA, catalog #: AS-113) also be inoculated from clinical specimens to prevent such overgrowth and thus provide isolated colonies. Consult reference materials for additional information.

Quality Control

The following organisms are routinely used for quality control testing at Anaerobe Systems.

Organism Tested ATCC # Results Time
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii 27768 Growth 24 – 48 hrs
Bifidobacterium longum 15707 Growth 24 – 48 hrs
Lactobacillus acidophilus 4356 Growth 24 – 48 hrs
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron 29741 Growth 24 – 48 hrs
Bacteroides fragilis 25285 Growth 24 hrs
Prevotella melaninogenica 25845 Growth 24 – 48 hrs
Fusobacterium nucleatum 25586 Growth 24 hrs
Clostridium perfringens 13124 Growth 24 hrs
Clostridium difficile 9689 Growth 24 hrs
Escherichia coli 25922 Growth 24 hrs

Product Storage & Shelf Life

Storage: Upon receipt, store at room temperature in original package until used. Avoid overheating or freezing. Do not use media if there are signs of deterioration (shrinking, cracking, or discoloration due to oxidation of media) or contamination. The expiration date applies to the product in its original packaging and stored as directed. Do not use product past the expiration date shown on the label.

Shelf Life: 90 days from date of manufacture.